Exchange Programs

SANDJI CDC is committed to Educating the Youth and the Adults about Africa, its diverse Cultural traditions and its people. SANDJI CDC will offer many individuals the opportunity to not only participate directly in SANDJI CDC’s projects on the ground, but to also be able to appreciate some of the wonderful places and cultural dynamics and sites which many people are ignorant about.

In addition, SANDJI CDC will organize seminaries where some school teachers will come to the US to learn how to improve their current educational systems in Africa. Ultimately, the goal is to establish possibilities for Teachers in Africa to become more familiar with the American Educational System and hopefully utilize some of the information they will receive to their advantage back home.

In order to be successful in this program SANDJICDC Will:

  • Organize trips to Africa Take about 10 to 15 young and Adults to Africa every year.
  • Contribute to Community Development by taking part hands on in SANDJI CDC’s projects.
  • Provide participants with the unique opportunity to Site visit and to interact with local traditional and modern populations.
  • Coordinate seminaries by bringing School teachers from Africa to Exchange with their counterparts in America.