Building and rehabilitating primary schools

One of the most important variables needed for a nation to develop is education. Progress cannot be made in a nation unless there is acquisition to knowledge. The increasing rate of illiteracy in Africa continues to hinder many development initiatives. The majority of those who do not know how to read or write are the most vulnerable to the merci of the warlords. Basic education is needed in Africa to help the citizens make rational choices. Illiteracy is playing a major role is in the sufferings of Africans.

Education is also critical for the empowerment of the youth in Africa. The future of a nation lies with its youth. In many African conflicts in Africa, young people are usually utilized and transformed into killer machines. Often it is heart breaking to see many talented young Africans carrying on evil deeds because there are no jobs, no schools and basically nothing to keep them busy. Channels must be created to give the hope to the youth in Africa. Sandji is undertaking initiatives such as:

  • Building primary schools in the rural areas of Africa.
  • Locating funds to equip existing schools.
  • Create internship programs for University student to go Africa and teach English to young students.
  • Promoting educational exchange program between Africans and Americans
  • Initiate scholarship programs to further educate qualified students.
  • Creating recreational facilities equipped with televisions to connect them with the rest of the world.
  • Conduct workshops on cultural, gender and ethnic sensitivities, and support individual and group project through Micro-financing.