Peace Building through soccer

For a very long time Africa has been the theater of ethnic, tribal, political and religious conflicts. Almost every country in Africa has experienced war and brutality fueled by ethno-nationalism, xenophobia and kinship. To this end, many of the efforts to institute harmony in the war torn African regions have generally been through peace keeping and peacemaking missions. SANDJI CDC believes that more time should be spent on grassroots Peace building mechanisms and related programs. SANDJI CDC understands the strong need to improve the social and political cohabitation among the populations by reinforcing the spirit of forgiveness and tolerance.  Therefore, SANDJI CDC is committed to working very hard to help restore the power and the dignity and power of the indigenous populations, while including their ideas and thoughts in the Peace building process in Africa. We believe that growth and development cannot be achieved on the continent of Africa unless there is peace and stability; and Sandji is ready to confront that challenge.
Implementation SANDJI CDC will organize cultural events that include: Soccer tournaments including men and women with teams composed of diverse ethnic groups. This enables different tribes and ethnic group members to come together to form one identity: the Team.

  • Promoting dialogues and reconciliations through workshops that include religious, traditional, and government officials. Each workshop emphasizes unity, peace, and the drawbacks of conflicts. In cases, movies and documentaries will be utilized to raise the people’s level of consciousness.
  • Engage local government Officials and grassroots community organizations towards the mission of Sandji CDC.
  • Encouraging group and team projects, such as building a public bridge or planting “peace trees” in the appropriate regions.
  • Initiating a series of speakers with celebrities from the local and international sports and entertainment industries to reinforce the spirit of forgiveness, friendship and brotherhood. • Organizing unity balls or concerts with the participation of local and international artists, and musicians who are currently promoting peace and dialogue through their music.