Sandji Community Development Corporation was created in the summer of 2006, with the moral obligation to address the economic, social and human right issues in Africa, and promote change. Inspired, by the extreme hardships and poor living conditions in numerous rural areas of Africa, the founder believed in the need for “SANDJI” which symbolizes the cleansing downpour of rain, that will wash away myriad of Africa’s social problems and restore hope into the hearts of countless individuals in the remote villages of the region.

Sandji Community Development Corporation is a method by the founder who experienced similar social conditions while growing up in Africa to give back to the Community through sustainable projects and tangible programs. The officers of Sandji CDC are committed to utilizing their academic achievements, combined with their background knowledge of Africa and customs, to change lives on the continent ‘one project at a time’.

Sandji is not just an organization; it is also a mission, a hope and inspiration to multitude populations in Africa who have already benefited from our projects and continue to pray for God to bless Sandji so that we may be able to help more people in the secluded areas of the continent.